Sunday, May 13, 2012

It's not YOU, It's..HIM!

my lil' nose-picker: always adds a bit of class to any dining experience..
Mothers day is all about showing your mum how much u love her and need her : Mine goes something like this: I am woken at 6am with the usual screams of "muuuumeeee"- followed by relentless demands from both dog and child regarding food, play-time, affection & liquid refreshments. This process is peppered with angry shouts of "noooooo, not yuuuuuu Daaaddy!" as the'Daddy' person makes repeated unsuccessful attempts at not-so- divine intervention. " I want muuuuumeeeee!"

Making some tea, frustration gets the better of me and I snap "will u STOP nagging? You've gotta stop pestering me like this - get out of my face!" There's a sudden wail & a flood of tears from above so I rush up the stairs to a distraught little girl, to cup her tear-stained tortured little face in my hands: "baby, I didn't mean you- I was talking to *Buddy", I tell her.
We share a big cuddle sitting on the top step and she mumbles into my soggy shoulder "I've got tears in my ears Mummy."

See, thats what mothers Day is all about- loving Mum to pieces..many busy, exasperated, yawning pieces :0)

Aqua dining on Sydney Harbour is a treat especially their Mother's Day gig. :0)

*Buddy is a dog, a quiet, good mannered dog with a beautiful loving temperament....but he can nag and pester you with a single-mindedness that can make you nuts!