Rewards Program

This page has nothing to do with air miles or loyalty shopping, and everything to do with Reward Charts
(an idea I got from the super-dooper SuperNanny Joe Frost).

As on the TV show, these have worked well for us in correcting unwanted behaviour. A friend recently said to me she would love to try this but she just didn't have time to make one and why didn't I put them online for other parents etc. etc. etc...  So I have :0)

Behaviour modification by way of the Reward Chart

How you use these is up to you; you can put stickers over the stars or get your little angels to colour them in each time they earn one.

When"Sorry" seems to be the easiest word...

Stars/ stickers can also be removed for very naughty behaviour too. Or you can use a chart like the one above to focus on improving specific naughty behaviors, where the boundaries are really being tested. Coloring in sad faces for tantrums and naughty behavior, and stars for good.   For this one my preference is coloring-in  because our little monkey was removing the naughty-behavior stickers when no one was looking.

Don't expect this to go down very well the first few times. It is tough, they get very upset but I think it's important that there are consequences to bad behavior not just good. ( And I seem to remember that's how Supernanny works it.)

Our girl has also become accustomed to using "sorry" as a 'get-out-of-jail-free' card, so it's taken a lot of gentle explaining that apologizing is a good thing, but there are still consequences. At this point try to reinforce the positives and the opportunities to color-in more stars with extra good and helpful behavior.

When all the good behaviour stars are filled in we us star-stickers place over the bad behaviour sad faces to cancel them out before any rewards are given.

I wouldn't however use this chart for first timers. It takes a while for them to get the hang of the reward charts, a week's worth of stars can seem like a lot and the reward can seem a little intangible after a few days.

  The Tantrum Busters..

Being able to color-in the chart pictures has been helpful for us in that it becomes a joint project, something our girl is investing in too. We spend the coloring-in time choosing colors and discussing what kinds of things are naughty and what are good.

Negotiate a treat/ outing/ whatever as a reward for when all the stars have been filled in.  Feel free to copy, paste any or all of these into word and print them.

Alternatively you can email me and I will send you a PDF version of single charts or a combo chart like the one above. I  might even be convinced to customise a multiple chart - so long as we're using the illustrations I already have and keep in mind that five is the maximum you can fit on A4 paper.

With this one below you can cut out a happy picture of your child and paste it onto the shoulders of the top picture to personalise it.

These are general reward charts covering most of life's little battles: 


Mealtimes are often another battleground and I've had many requests for these:

I'm still working illustrations for toilet training , not interrupting grownups conversations and not shouting when Mum or Dad is on the phone.

I have included some handy single reward charts for common problems. I've been printing these out on standard 8x10 photo paper for quick fixes. We stick them on the fridge or the bedroom dresser or bathroom mirror as needed.

     Good luck!


    1. Thanks! Sorry I've just seen yr comment, but hey thanks. I need to work on some more possibly "no shouting at mummy while she's driving the car ?

    2. This is so nice. Thank you so much!
      May I suggest you do one for 'cleaning up after playing with toys' :-)

      1. Thanks Haniza, glad you like them. we are back working on tantrums at the moment but we're winning the battle
        I am working on a homework one at the moment but had planned to do a tidy-up-toys one for ages. Just struggling with my limited skills and an illustration that will have a lot going on :0)

        Stay tuned - I'm updating these regularly as I get so many requests from our school mums too. I'll definitely put that next on the list though as Pinkster is a terror for trashing the house just after I've tidied up.