Me and George Clooney badly doctored photo

#FakeNews. George Clooney has not left Amal for me. Sad but true. 

But what can I say, being a single mum kinda rocks. 

I have sole ownership of three TV remotes... Oh yeah, make that two since my teen, in a fit of rage, threw one on the wood floor and it disintegrated quite spectacularly. So that TV actually needs to be switched on manually at the back panel or you have to ask 'hey Google' which is hit and miss.

Be that as it may, yes, I have all the viewing control and I'm happy to say that no cricket, AFL or NR-anything is ever shown on any of my screens.
I count that as a huge plus of being co-dependent no more. 
How does that old song go;

Self contained and self content, no promises to keep,
I got me so together that I just cant fall asleep... 

Well it's not a total breeze, there's that  tweenager turning into a lovely young woman who wants shop for clothes every other weekend. And her growing self doubt and hormonal mood-swings often give us both whiplash. 

There's the challenge of working full time in a demanding job at which I work long hours and under a reasonable (sometimes unreasonable) amount of pressure.

Juggling that with child, home duties, a hyperactive dog and two cats, still supervising home work and fixing stuff that keeps falling off or leaking from a very old house. And let's not forget the weekly overgrowth of the garden. (I've added a weed-wacker to my power tool wish list).

But still I would not trade my lot. 

Mr Frenchie, although we're no longer an item, is still one of my best friends and confidants. We're a well oiled co-parenting machine. Or maybe I should compare us to computer servers since we're co-managing a lot of shared data and logistical functionality from separate locations?

I don't think you oil servers (you shouldn't) so that blows my first analogy.  See? 12 years on I've not recovered from tangentitis, not one bit.

So this is me now: full time gainfully employed digital writer, single mother, power tool wielder, sometimes party girl, frequent pet rescuer and karaoke tragic.

#ImperfectionIsTheNewBlack No parent, no person is perfect. Imperfection is where beauty and truth begin. Embrace it - Own it people!

And I'm with Emma; on the whole happily self partnered deal.

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    1. Thanks for your interest Faisal, it's a crazy busy week this week- i am ver interested after looking at your web page- can I get back to you next week on the details?
      Thanks & regards

  2. Hi Suzy! I had a little chuckle reading your 'about me' page ... thanks for putting a smile on my face :) I'm definitely going to have to use 'tangentitis' in a sentence as soon as possible!

    1. Thanks ! Glad you like my ramble. Try eating seaweed;apparently it's the richest source of iodine and I have to say those salted nori sheets you get in the Asian grocery stores are so much more palatable than drinking the stuff. Besides that, a packet of salted nori sheets goes down so well with chilled Verdello.

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