Getting Crafty


Talk about your corporate takeovers, since when did TM Lewin start making PJs?

Have I ever mentioned that I am a person who hates waste?

Mr Frenchie recently had a clear out of his old business shirts. He gave me a pile of shirts with frayed collars and cuffs for the rag-bag. But when I looked at the shirts it broke my heart. All that incredibly soft quality Egyptian cotton going to waste and here’s me paying $16 per meter for the most basic cotton fabrics.

I got to looking at the size of the front and back panels – even the sleeves and I got to thinking. Then I got out my patterns and started cutting up the shirts.

She-Who-Worships-Pink suddenly became a huge fan of pale blue when she realised she would be wearing daddy’s old shirts to bed.

I used tee shirts and under vests, I either bought on sale or had on hand, for the Pyjama tops trimming them up using scraps from the sleeves and of course the shirt buttons. I made little puffed inset sleeves, but a ruffle will do if you’re not so confident adding a sleeve to an existing arm hole.


I still have fabric left over from all the shirts and my crafty friend from SewPaintIt who is HRH Queen of Quilting, suggested I cut them into squares and one day build a quilt for my girl. That way when she’s out grown her PJ’s, she can still sleep in daddy’s shirts.

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Raking up leaves this weekend? Keep some to make a beautiful autumn tree picture - dead easy and lots of fun for small people...

 ...and just like a real autumn tree it eventually sheds its leaves :0)