Thursday, November 12, 2009

Not whispering – shouting actually

Honestly some days even if the sun is shining and you feel it would be good to get out into the fresh air,you should just stay the hell home.

Lucie slept through and she slept in - two events worth celebrating. We started the morning dilly-dallying in our PJs and it wasn’t until 9.30, with 2 hours till Lu’s next nap, I came up with the genius idea for the family to go out to brunch. Idiot.

Ok it then took an hour before poor visiting Nanna was ready to go and by 10.15am the baby whisperer who was due at 7pm that night was on the phone balling me out because I mentioned Lucie had a cold. Her lofty reply: “I simply cannot give her the ‘gift of sleep’ if she’s unwell. “She’s a busy woman I should have called earlier…” Well frankly maam she gave herself the gift of bloody sleep despite the runny nose for that last few nights.

Anyway needless to say by the time we got to the restaurant at 10.45 Lucie was losing the plot. The waiter was hardly on fire and by the time we’d had breakfast (sans cutlery- go figure) while Laurent was outside on the phone in a bullocking exchange the Baby Whisperer, Lucie tipped a baby-chino into her lap. time to abort -we asked for our second coffees, which must have been travelling from Brazil, to go.

No sooner had I sat in the car, my takeaway sprung a leak right at the bottom of the cup.

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