Thursday, May 1, 2014

Funny Girl

I am thankful for laughter. Except when milk comes out of my nose. .
Woody Allen

"A day without laughter is a day wasted."
Charlie Chaplin

This girl makes me laugh. Even way back in day care her teachers enjoyed her fabulously quirky sense of humour. She can find fun and humour in practically anything. For example the other weekend were walking The Orange Dog at one of our local leash-free parks. Like many parks on Sydney's Lower North Shore this one was on the water front.

So while we're throwing the Frizzbee and Buddy is doing his best aerial work catching it mid-air, a wedding party arrived  with a photographer.
The bride and groom posed for several smoochy shots with the water and boats as a romantic back-drop.  That was until a UFO of the orange kind flew into frame with a cobalt blue saucer shaped thing in his mouth.

Nanna was with us and she pointed out that our Orange acrobat was 'spoiling' the wedding photos. Pinkster and I looked at each other both of us catching on our, minds zipping into comic overdrive. I said, "Can you imagine their wedding photo album?" "People will look at their photos and wonder what that orange streak is with it's teeth reaching for some blue thing!"

That was enough for Pinkster and she laughed so hard she nearly wet herself. We both did a few impersonations of Buddy's various frizzbee-catching-facial expressions. And she laughed even harder. I love her laugh. One day I'll record it into a ring tone and she'll make me smile all day long; I'll stop moaning when the phone rings.

When we got home she decided we had to make our own UFOO (unidentified flying orange object) wedding photos:

She was chuckling the whole time she worked on her pictures then she made me draw one for her (the first in this lot) but decided to add wee falling onto the groom's head.

She riffed on the wedding theme and came to a boy at her school who apparently says, often, he's "in love with lamb chops". So then she drew his future wedding photos with his beloved chop in a wedding gown while he's, all dressed up, trying to shoo away all the dogs trying to snatch his bride.

She has quite an imagination. Her teacher tells me she can't wait  to see what Pinkster comes up with for this term's narrative exercises. Me either.

Well tonight it wasn't about drawing weddings or flying dogs either.  She was in the bath and although the water was toasty warm she told me she felt cold.  I offered to put on the heat lamps, which we rarely use because they're blindingly bright, and this is how the situation deteriorated:

She called out to me half an hour after I tucked her in; "Mummy! I cant sleep.  Your glasses are in my bed!"


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  1. You can't live a life without laughter.....your little one is gorgeous. Some beautiful pics there and wonderful memories xx

    1. Thanks Beck. I am grateful every day for this lovely little girl :0)

  2. What a lovely story!! You two look so cute!!!