Tuesday, August 26, 2014

From Garbage to Glamour

She-Who-Worships-Pink apparently now worships animal prints.  I could say "oh dear" but in all honesty I must say that she's a chip off the old block.

I promise, I have never nurtured or encouraged this - so it must be a matter of DNA. Or just her innate sense of style.

Walking through an enormous fabric store, my Pinkster strolled past a roll of sparkly fabrics in both her favourites; blue and pink. She didn't bat an eyelash.

Then she called me over to another table; "Mummy! This is beeyewdiful; can we use this?" Her tiny little fingers were tugging at a roll of leopard print Lycra. Then she gasped and grabbed the one next to it: faux snake or maybe crocodile, it was hard to tell.

You see Pinkster (I can still call her that, right?) had designed a dress for her latest favourite Bratz doll.

Oddly her current favourite doll is the one I recently rescued from a kerbside garbage bag; washed, dressed, coiffed and offered prosthetic feet (long boots).

But apparently, one extreme make-over wasn't quite enough. 

She drew a picture of her design, once she'd chosen her fabrics; some leopard print Lycra and sequined lurex. (Would not have been my first choice of fabric combinations.)

Then the nagging started: "Mummy pleeeeeeeease, make it." "today?"

Well all in all, as much as I had little confidence in her fabric combo,  the dress turned out quite well. 

Pinkster asked me to put up Bratz's hair in a French Twist, before removing her bangles to thread them through her ears!

I think my girl might just have an eye for this stuff...