Saturday, August 2, 2014


I'm cheating this week on finish up Friday, by showing off something that was finished on another Friday.

I love sneaky spaces, especially home work spaces. My own home office takes up a quarter of one bedroom which is not ideal and I've had to add a shelf unit at the end of my desk, which ends a meter before the doorway, jut to improve the view from the main passage.  The paperwork is bad enough but when I'm sewing, the moment anyone hits the top of the stairs, my messy desk is the dominant feature of the first floor.

The apartment I just finished needed a work-space and fortunately there was an enormous cupboard in the main living area. I took half of this to create a hide-away workspace.

It was almost too simple, just a matter of adjusting the shelves to create a desk and adding a pull-out keyboard drawer and some accessories. My fabulous cabinet makers did all the hard work retro fitting the old cupboard with new shelves.  Because it was so old there weren't any movable shelves (and the shelves were hideous raw timber slatted things) so it took a bit of working. I had an elecrician install an additional power outlet inside the cupboard bottom to run the computer, printer and modem.

The fun part for me was buying office accessories to dress it up, with an Ikea SPONTAN magnetic message board and  Ikea Kassett magazine files and a print for the back wall:

I'd like to do this at home and reclaim my guest room - I have the cupboard space (it just needs a good clear out).
I've since found  a number of attachable keyboard shelves available on Amazon. Who knows, maybe I can figure out a way to make a hidaway sewing station too...

Maybe I should call my favourite cabinet makers for another nifty creative design.

Maybe I should be clearing some cupboard space first.

Special thanks to Creative Space Constructions - for truly inspired solutions and quality finishes. 

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