Monday, July 6, 2015

Pup in a Tea cup

awww cute tea-cup-pup
One good thing about my not having sponsored posts is that when I write about a product, you know that I've been motivated purely by my need to share in its awesomeness.  So let me tell you this one is a gem and after learning the technique it inpired my 7-year-old to make up her own designs...

She-Who-Still-Worships-Pink found this wonderful Pompom Puppies kit, in a local book store, and not only has given her hours of delight, but it's been a stand out winner for birthday gifts. The parents of the recipients may not thank me for the mess, but what little girl doesn't like this tri-fecta; making stuff, puppies and soft toys?
The kit contains everything you need, instructions and materials, to make your own collection of puppies.

Pompom puppies kit contents

Be warned though, these projects are something you'll need supervise and/or  help with; for under-nines.  Tying off pompoms can be very tricky and the trimming instructions, especially on the tri-coloured pups, take a bit of concentration and patience. But the results are uber-cute. I would suggest anyone start with the Chihuahua.

Pinkster has made up some of her own, her first attempt at design was the little blue pup below, with hand-made felt eyes. We've also been up cycling cat food tins to make tea cups.

blue puppy's eyes are made from black felt circles with a tiny dot of white paint.

I've shown her how to cut out the ears more efficiently (so as not to waste fabric) and how to part and position the fur before gluing eyes and ears on.  Now, so long as she has help tying off the pompoms, at seven years old she can pretty much handle a single colour puppy by herself.

If you're looking for this kit, we seen it in good bookstores and toy stores all over and if you Google it, you'll find loads of sellers on the Internet.


  1. Not a word of a freaking lie over the weekend I cut some circles out of cardboard and taught my daughter how to make pom poms out of wool, they were misshapen but she loved them nonetheless and then when they were over them the cat had a BALL!

    1. Emily, why cant you live next door? You always make me laugh out loud; I can only imagine what laughs we'd have if you were on the other side of my new sexy gate. (did you read that procrastinating post? - Avoidance meets pickets and power tools)
      Well havent given our wild cat any pompoms yet, well not the big ones - I have a post coming up next on DIY cat wands with bouncy insects made from tiny pompoms and shiring elastic - April is very excited about those.
      I watched a u-tube video where this woman made two carboard C's (rather than traditional circles) and they worked really well - maybe better than the contraption we got in the kit. Also I bought Pinkster a craft book today that demonstrates choped up coloured plastic shopping bags to make pompoms for your thongs!
      Maybe we should all post on pompoms? the failures might e more fun though.

  2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. Thankyou! They are worth the mess when theyre done for sure
      Thanks for dropping by :0)

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