Monday, February 18, 2013

Lunchbox Lush

When it comes to the school lunchbox, I am a bit of a Lush. 

If you cant sip a chilled glass of something while you're standing in the kitchen doing whatever, then why on earth would you stand there in the first place? Wine is the only thing that can coax me into that daunting space (except for the joy of cleaning it and making it sparkle).
 Isn't it bad enough that I'm forced by my obsessive compulsive disorder into frequent bouts of school dress pleat ironing?

The thing I found most daunting about my girl's start to big school was the loss of a professional in-house-chef. For three years I didn't need to worry too much about nutrition because of the insanely diverse and well planned nutritious menus that were supplied by her day-care/ preschool.

Then all of a sudden, Gaaaaaaa! IT'S UP TO ME!

Me who is so severely culinarily challenged.
Me with my food preparation phobia, and loathing of sandwich cutting.
Me who can break out into a rash at the sight of a recipe book.

I have to come up with something nutritious and tasty EV-ER-Y- DAY.

Huston we have a problem.

Then I met Donna Hay, or her Sweet Potato and Pea Fritters at least, at a kids party. OK, I loved them but Lucie didn't (too much herby green stuff). But with Donna as my muse, necessity gave way to a new culinary invention....HUGELY successful 22 in 20 minutes, Lazy Bones' Cheese & Veggie Pikelets.

So there's a new page in town mums; check it out -  Lunchbox Luxe for the time-poor (or just cant be arsed like me).

And by the way, anything you see on my foodie pages come guaranteed low in labour and full of shortcuts.


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