Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Coming Unstuck

For a Valentine’s Day, this one definitely lacked Hallmark moments:

I'm kneeling in the carport holding strips of dowel onto a timber board while She-Who-Worships-Pink (and screams a lot apparently) is throwing the mother, father and fairy godmother of all tantrums.

I have Araldite on my hands and I'm pretty sure my fingertips (or at least my finger prints) will become part of the disabled ramp that I'm trying to throw together between school pick up and swimming lessons.

Pinkster is screaming at me from inside the house; 'COME HERE!!!!' and I'm screaming back; "I TOLD YOU. I .CANT. RIGHT. NOW!!!"

The neighbours must be about to come outside and check on us, I'm sure - except for Evil Mrs Bates next door (now there's a woman you don't want to put a shower curtain between you).

Miss Pink, my screaming banshee, is in a mood. She wants me to come and admire some outfit in a Barbie catalogue but I told her the ramp is a priority and we can look through the catalogue together later. I am SO unreasonable at times.

I explained to her on the way home from school; "Buddy is coming out of hospital tonight and he needs a ramp to get into the car because mummy can't pick him up."  Speaking of 'Picking up' it would be handy in crises such as these if Mr Frenchie could pick up his phone.

So the deal is this; if I can't get the dog in the car without breaking my back and popping his sutures, he can't come home. And that would break everyone's heart.

Pinkster's sobbing; "you don't love me anymore" and in a fit of rage she takes my Valentines card she just made at school and throws it in the kitchen bin. I don't see this little drama till later because, you guessed it, I'm still bent double on the carport floor waiting for the glue to stick and finish the damned ramp.

In the end we got to swimming lessons, got the ramp finished, tears dried, the Valentine card retrieved from the bin and Mr Frenchie on his way.

Ramped up and ready to go
 Between two of us, we managed to get Pinkster out of the pool in time to collect poor Buddy from the Vet, where he’d had three lumps (all benign) and two abscessed molars removed.

Buddy (now the most miserable dog in the world) and I have both enjoyed better Valentines Days, I have to tell you.

I’m really starting to think though, that I need a daily dose of epoxy resin myself because I just cannot believe how my days can become so badly unglued.


  1. You could have painted the ramp. Poor buddy. I am sorry but it just doesn't look very finished. But I guess it looks like it did the job. I am your troll - YOU HAVE ARRIVED!

    1. Thanks Troll for putting me on the map- looking for the hate thread right now :0)
      Bud didnt like it eithet but it did the job- just for a night while he had post-op wobbles.:0)

  2. Aww, poor buddy! Glad to hear he is home, and I bet although he is miserable, he is glad to be home. We had a dog that we adopted get sick shortly after we got him - he had three root canals, one tooth pulled and a gold cap! Don't ask, broke the bank! LOL I think your ramp was perfect for the job ;)

    There will be more Valentine's Days. . . some will be better, some will be worse haha

    1. Thanks QM, its nice to get comments from the Crazymoms Crew & yes Bud's on the mend although he's sporting at least ine Frankenstein scar. I always feel a bit guilty linking my sad projects amongst your beautiful pieces so it really is nice to hear from you. I really want to get the sewing machine out this week & be truly creative ( but still not in CM's league. :0)
      Ps we have pet insurance but I still have the forms to do...forms yuck