Thursday, February 6, 2014

Tooth Fairy's brush with Inflation

We have another Oral Obstacle. When did wobbling and lost teeth turn into some kind of weird competitive sport?

I swear, a kid at school will lose a tooth then strut around the asphalt, with an entourage, like they've just won the spelling-bee. Crowds gather and they regale them with stories of how long it wobbled, how it finally came out and how much the tooth fairy thought it was worth.

Yes apparently there is also stiff competition over what the Tooth Fairy decides the teeth are worth too. According to this article ,by Joseph Pisanti, it's not only inflating Tooth Fairy payouts, but it poses a  self-esteem risk as well.

One of our school-mums (excuse me - tooth fairy representatives) left $10 under the pillow of her child. I wanted to thump her, when she told me, for the idiotically inflated precedent she's set.  

But that's nothing; according to Reuters, Tooth Fairy inflation has ‘gone wild’.
In the US the national average, as of August last year, was $3.70 per tooth, up 23 percent in a single year and 42 percent in just two years with younger parents often giving $5 to $20 a tooth.

Any wonder Miss Pink's been so impatient for her teeth to fall out.  Since her first kindy friend lost a tooth last year, it seems like most of her class started this year with mouths full of new teeth and pockets full of money.

Pinkster asked me just yesterday if the Tooth Fairy is strong enough to carry a Barbie Doll. I guess she can since Joseph Pisani's article above mentions a child who got an antique typewriter! Begs the question 'why?' but clearly the Tooth Fairy may be be small enough to creep under children's pillows but she's clearly no slouch when it comes to the heavy lifting.

During our recent trip to Kyoto, our scheming little girl spent one day wandering around the temples and bonsai gardens gnawing on a toffee apple, inspecting it after each bite.
We didn't get what she was doing until she gave a very loud, exaggerated sigh and complained;

"I STILL don't have a wobbly tooth."

It will happen when it happens but when it does, rest assured, our tooth Fairy will not be leaving tenners (or typewriters) under Pinkster's pillow.

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  1. I couldn’t agree with you more. That is why I am trying hard to get the word out to Tooth Stressed parents. Make what is important to your child a Note that is received in exchange for the Tooth signed ‘Your friend, THE TOOTH FAIRY.” Then collect the Notes in an Album along with a photo taken at about the same time. By the time the child loses the twentieth tooth a wonderful keepsake will be completed. Also, collect all the Notes the child writes and include them in the book. The Notes need to be well thought out. They can be observations on the child’s great work at school, in the arts or on the sports field. They can explain why the Fairy was late, bad weather. Also, The Fairy can explain why Mark got $10 while your child only received $2. Make the Note what is important to the child and what is bragged about at school. In my endeavor to help get this idea out I have published a Book. It is entitled “Notes From, Your friend, THE TOOTH FAIRY.” It is simply a colorful album making it easier to collect the Notes and photos than it was for me when I made a book of the Notes received by my two daughters over 30 years ago. I it is available on Amazon. You can get a better idea of my thoughts on Tooth Fairy Facts by watching this interview on You tube:
    Steven W. Margles, MD

    1. Thanks Steven, what a wonderful idea (& a wonderful book you've produced). We are ALL about keepsakes in our household & I think an album of fairy notes, drawings & replies along with photos of toothy (toothless) smiles is an irrisistable idea. I think your book must join our favouite list on this web page.
      Many thanks

  2. Too funny - and so very TRUE! I've got a few years up my sleeve yet... goodness knows what the going rate will be then! Ha! X

    1. Thanks Bec, Maybe you should start a Fairy fund along with the college fund?

  3. What, $10? Even $5 is too much. Our resident tooth fairy will be tightening their hip pocket and only giving a gold coin!

    1. What, no antiques either? Oh, you're hard! He he he
      Gold coins here too- although it still hasnt happened yet :0/