Saturday, August 4, 2012

Gullible's Travels: pass the paracetamol

Buckingham Palace's gates are opening and the police are herding the spectators to either side. I say, "quick Lucie the Queen is coming!"
Lucie; "but I'm busy! I'm looking at the ducks now, mummy"
As it turned out she had the right idea, a cavalcade of shiny expensive black cars came & went and that was it-Riveting stuff. 
Meanwhile the ducks where having a bust-up in the Victoria Memorial fountain (two boy ducks fighting over a girl): and lets face it-they put on a better show. 
Daddy asks " isn't the Queen more exciting than ducks?"
Lucie, emphatically; "Nope."
It took an ice-cream to finally dislodge her from the fountain side anatidae  melodrama.

Ok so paracetamol can alleviate the achey feet, (must take some more) but it doesn't do a thing for bone-weariness. 

Since we arrived in London we have walked and shopped our legs off. Heaving that stroller up and down every stair of practically every tube station between East Finchley & Soho. Believe me thats a lot of stairs. 
Begs the question, what the hell do disabled people do?
Ok so London isn't so small-child-friendly: Lucie even copped a painful head-swipe from a heavy Prada handbag with a world of buckles on it, poor little pet and those were some tears we could have done without.

Conceptually she was very excited about seeing a real palace where a real Queen lives, but to a 4-5 year old,  in reality, it's an easy thing for monarchs to be upstaged by  a bunch of noisy ducks. So a visit to Regents Park was another winner. She fed the geese  the last of the brioche then  we played hide & seek -a game she is just terrible at I might ad; If she's not totally peeking while she counts, she's 'hiding' in plain sight. 
A water-fight, Lucie started in the rose garden fountain, was just what we all needed considering Ol' Blighty  recently turned into Ol' sweaty . 

Shopping highlights involved:
:0)  a ten quid pair of jeans for me that make me look two sizes smaller :0)  an hour in Hanley's exiting with yet another Barbie
:0) H&M kids' shoe department where Lucie chose a pair of rockin' pink sandles resembling a pair of Louboutin Pink Ruffle shoes I saw on SATC's Carrie Bradshaw.

It's been fun, but exhausting:

We took a well anticipated visit to the museum of natural history to see the life-size T-Rex, who we named Mavis to make her seem less scary...yup that worked a treat. Despite visiting Mavis 18months ago, this time we had to exit through the exhibit entrance because Lucie decided she was completely horrifying no matter what we named her. :0(

We competed daily in our own logistical olympics of; exhibits, meeting up with many friends, falling foul of bus-stuck-in-olympic-traffic family hostage situations (there's an hour of my life I'd like a refund on), and too many -'oh my god is it 6.30 already?' emergency happy-meals consumed.

All on limited sleep because it's bloody broad daylight by 5am and the bloody birds start screeching 30 minutes before that.  Gaaaaah

Time to head back to the in-laws for some serious R&R. 


  1. Love these Suzie, I can picture the whole thing so well but come home soon.