Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Mid-life Crisis on the School Run

I'm getting odd looks from the odd mum at school.

One morning Pathologically-chatty-and-ever-so-perky-mum-who-is-on-the-committee-for-everything looked me up and down and with a thin smile, asked in a very sugary tone; "where are you off to this morning?"
I answered "actually right now I have to take the dog to the park.."
She raised her eyebrows above her head;  "In those shoes? Good luck!"

I looked down at my feet, my new leather wedge sandals bought on sale for $35 and shrugged as I untied Orange dog's leash from the tree outside the school gate.

I thought, hey, it's almost summer, I have treated myself to some new sandals, yes I'm in a denim mini-skirt - it's hot.
I've also recently dropped a lot of weight and with it my jelly belly hiding loose tops, and I've dusted off some very old but back in fashion pre-pre baby clothes.  This is the sliver-lining of months of stress, so sue me if some days I just feel like dressing a bit nicer and feeling a bit more attractive.

Call it a midlife crisis. I can neither afford, nor have the inclination, to purchase a brightly coloured sports car; I have new sandals and an old skirt instead.

But I'm starting to feel after some of the looks and comments recently that I'm expected to frump it up a bit.

That afternoon I walked Orange dog past a single dad who is usually completely engrossed in the charms of one particular single mum. I've been walking past them with my pooch for a year as good as invisible.

That afternoon, he broke away from single mum and made a bee-line for my orange companion.
"What a handsome fellow he is, I'll take good care of him while you go in?  I love dogs!'
Orange dog is prone to grinning when he's fussed over to this extent and I told this man, "if you pat him like that you'll probably get a smile out of him."
He said "I can make lots of people smile when I pet them a lot.." and he gave me lewd look (practically wiggling his eyebrows Groucho Marx style).


I stalked into the school grounds and the first 'friendly' I came upon I asked; "Tell me honestly, do I look like a tart?"
A startled look; "No, you look summery and nice! Why?"

I told her about Single Dad's petting comment and she laughed her arse off; she called it mens-mid-life-sleeze-crisis.

Anyway, I've worn jeans almost everyday on the school run since,  but reading this article from The Style Insider, apparently I'm ahead on trend with my pre-pre-baby denim skirts.

So next hot day, maybe I'll pluck up the courage again and ignore the odd disapproving look.  It's not like I'm wearing denim cut-offs so short that my butt cheeks are hanging out back and the front pocket linings are hanging down my uppper thighs.. I'll leave that fashion faux-pas to the nannies..

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  1. Men will be men and people in general suck ;) You go girl! Wear those denim skirts and sandals often! I'd have to wear them (oh, don't worry, not now - too old for that and just a bit too jiggly LOL) just to see the disapproving looks - let them look, let them talk. Do the things that make you feel good in your heart! So glad to see you posting again. Always love reading what you are getting up to :)

    1. Thanks Judy, what a lovely comment thank you so much! It has been a while hasn't it? stressful times and school holidays in between. but I'm getting back into the swing of things and once again have lots to say :0)
      You'll be happy to know I bought two new skirts today linen and corduroy so insipred by yours and other encouraging comments on the Face Book page. To quote someone else "so long as my legs hold out" I"m gonna give them an airing!

  2. Hey, I say... if you're got it, then work it baby. (Unless you're Kim Kardashian and then she really should put it away for a change!)


    1. I'm laughing out loud! Thanks Deborah!, actually my but is the polar oppostie of Kims, I need to do some work on my glutes to perk them up a bit ..

  3. If your skirt was clean and your hair was brushed you were one step ahead of me most days! Someone is always going to judge you for whatever you do. Single Dad might have gone home and cringed with embarrassment at what he said!

    1. Thanks Lara, The skirt was clean, never brush my hair (kind of tousle it with my fingers or hit it with the blow-dryer). As long as my legs hold out, I'll stick to the skirts. I dont think single dad would cringe, he seems way too sure of his charms... he he

  4. Wait?!? Denim skirts are BACK! How did I miss this?!? Finally, a trend that actually deserves a comeback!

    1. yup, apparently! I had that feeling, and it's about time! :0)

  5. YEAH FARKING HA SUZY you have made my day - sorry it's taken so long for me to get here! I have 3 respectable denim skirts in the drawer that I want to get out but don't want to look like the tart I used to be... I mean, that I never was. I say rock it lovely and sorry to hear you've had a few stressful months... I've signed up to your posts so I don't miss one because I kick myself when I do! Have a great weekend and thanks for linking x

    1. Hey Emily, nice to hear from you. dont you worry about those denim mini's nothing, and I mean NOTHING can be tartier than the nannies with their thighs like hams bulging out of Daisy Duke denim cut-offs. As the article (link) says Denim skirts can look very sexy with an oversised white shirt. I looked at one on Etsy I think that was a long denim skirt that had the hem upturned like a thick cuff to make it short and trendy. I so like that look. Well the stores still arent selling them so I say hit ther charity shops. I also scored a designer wrap linen mini last week for the princely sum of $18! I bought a $17 silk scarf top to go with it that still had a $99 sale tag on it! I'm all over charlity shops now.
      thanks for signing up - I've missed you - but then I kinda stopped writing for a bit. :0/

  6. Some people just don't know how to be nice, do they? Instead of saying 'where are you off to', she could just have said 'you look nice', which you must have (judging by single-dad's reaction!) so anyone who looks at you sideways is just jealous and you shouldn't go out of your way to stop them from feeling that way. It's summer, you sound like you've been through a lot this year and you are entitled to wear whatever you please. If someone has a problem with that it's because they have a problem with themselves. Keep letting your light shine, don't let them steal your happiness and dress as summery and as femininely as you want to! xx

    1. Hi Lizzy, thanks for yet another comment.
      I told her at the school mum's drinks this week, that anytime she see's me looking dressed up it usually means I'm having a low-self esteem day; she know's my changed situtation so she should 'get' it. Anyway I perhaps made her feel like a smug-still-married so all threats are off. :0)

      I dont really mind, I guess it only bothers me on low-self-esteem days which are thankfully few. But yeah it's hot, I like skirts so like it or lump it - while my pins still look ok - better people focus on them than the bags under my eyes (he he) I'm sure that was Tina Turner's ploy as she got older; raise them hems while growing a bigger fringe :0)