Monday, November 19, 2012

Love and Other Drugs

I can't be mum, I want MY mum!

Even a  thoroughly reformed non-breeder like myself enjoying the many delights of parenthood, finds less than delightful; being unwell and, being the mummy myself, not having one to take care of me 'till I'm better.
I've been poorly for a few days - my back is awful and the pain starting in my waist going through to my legs has been keeping me awake every night, most of the night :0(

So my days involve knocking back drugs & napping. Not too productive. Or healthy.

My favourite cocktail at the moment contains equal parts Ibuprofen & paracetamol with an Aspirin chaser.. Thank God I had a couple of posts up my sleeve or my inactivity and drug abuse would have really depressed me.

Yesterday we had Lucie's final big school orientation and today we are having an uber-lazy morning (Lucie is still in her PJ's at 2pm!) before we head to the French market in Killarney. (perhaps another interesting anthropological excursion?) Then again, since it's raining cats and dogs that ambitious idea may also remain in it's pyjamas.

I've made a pair of silly-socks: (Taking step-by-step pics for this rodeo). And a couple of loads of washing and that's about all I'm capable of.

I'll go to the chiropractor again tomorrow. Last visit he was quite anxious that I had such severe sciatic pain down 'both' legs and all the way to my toes. So I'm not allowed to go to gym (aww damn) and definitely NO LUNGES! (Booooo Hoooo - not)

It's kind of nice to dag around with not much to do- Lucie's been fighting something off this week so she's in a constant state of the happy-sads. High as a kite one minute and crying us a river the next.

She got really upset Yesterday morning reading a Winnie the Pooh book about a Valentines Day party Pooh bear threw. She cried her eyes out when I informed her it wasn't Valentines Day and I ended up making her fairy bread with my heart shaped cookie cutter for breakfast. Good nutritious choice there.

Of course she couldn't possibly eat them until we had cut out decorative paper hearts and a banner AND made Valentine cards for everyone including her giant toy panther.( who also needed a party hat)

Earlier she'd used the cookie cutter to trace around and draw walking heart people which we stuck goggly eyes on.

All this before her Big School orientation morning number three and i didnt have her lunch-box even nearly ready..
So I guess I got off lightly with only that and the silly-sock request. (thanks for that idea, Play School) but I did have some tiny pine-cones and more glue on eyes (to make hedgehogs) as my back-up plan..

Thank God for ABC for kids is all I can say, I owe my relaxing day on drugs to them alone (except Play School because they have waaay too many "you could do this at home" ideas.)

What do you do when you're sick and you cant get time off  (being mum)?


  1. I personally wouldn't be making anything special for breakfast and let alone cards etc. Mine would be going out with no breakfast if they don't eat it within the 8 minute window (actually, more like 18 mins - we are too soft). so I think you are mad.

    1. Yes I am mad. blame it on the Mersyndol sandwich I ate for breakfast! Being in a drug-induced stupor makes you very susceptible to suggestions accompanied by wailing tears. :0)