Wednesday, April 16, 2014


What do you do when you overhear your six-year-old daughter telling someone in the school yard that;  she's not in love with [Popular-boy' in school]  because she's already 'seeing someone'?


 I got the giggles. 

Just like the night we 'broke her heart' over a couple of lamb-chops, I  tried not to laugh out loud.  I just made those funny noises you do when you try to keep a really big laugh inside your mouth and you end up sort of blowing snorty raspberries through your nose.

You see it all started way back in the Christmas break after a trip to the mall with a friend. She kept talking about this boy she'd seen: "I think he was about ten years old" she says. She talked more and more about this boy, who was "so handsome' with dark brown hair. And how she would marry him one day. Thanks a bunch, Walt Disney for all those fairy tales that end with 'the kiss' sheesh.

Some months later with several mentions of the ten-year-old-boy with his dark brown hair, Mr Frenchie takes her and a friend to our favorite French Creperie. low and behold who is there? The "ten years old boy with dark brown hair"!!

So the Daddy person tells me, after positive identification from Miss Pink, he approaches the parents and tells them that somehow our daughter saw him in a mall months back and has been crushing on him ever since! Miss Pink is all shy and mortified so introductions cannot be made although his parents think the whole deal is impossibly cute.

But as lunch is finished and Mr Frenchie drives past where 'Ten' is waiting for a table with his parents, he lowers Pinkster's window so she can wave. Ten, waves back grinning and calls to her 'Salut!' in a perfect French accent.

Our little Miss Pink is equal parts; thrilled and mortified.

After hearing the story I  asked Mr Frenchie what he looked like; "He's a seriously good looking kid of about ten years old." he says nodding; "Our girl has very good taste!"

We now have the pleasure of 'seeing' 'Ten' on a semi regular basis at the local French Creperie, he's usually waiting for a table with his sister, Father and dog, as we are finishing lunch. Pinkster is always too shy to speak to him, but at least, as far as she's concerned, she' still seeing him. Literally.

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  1. Oh my goodness, that is absolutely adorable. Aren't children so precious!

    1. Aren't they just? I say it every year, but I LOVE this age.
      And she really does have good taste! :0)

  2. I found that the only way I can parent anywhere near perfection is by allowing myself to be imperfect. Actually, I had to let go of my need for perfection in all areas of my life. It was then, and only then that I was able to notice what was imperfect. After all, if I consider myself perfect, then there is nothing to improve, right? Where is the growth and expansion there? Perfection is final. No one here is perfect – we are constantly evolving, and so once I accepted that, I was able to take an honest look at what wasn’t working and could improve. Acceptance was the key to my balanced parenting. From there, I gave myself the freedom to fall; to mess up; to make mistakes. It is only through the process of breakdown, that I can actually have a breakthrough. I cannot get to where I would like to go, unless I hit a few bumps on the road.

    1. I love your comment! "where is the growth and expansion there? Perfection is final." you hit the nail on the head.
      thanks for dropping by and hurling some wisdom around the place.