Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Old Dog : New Tricks

Some people teach their dogs 'tricks'- we teach ours 'chores'.
He will sit, stay, drop, come, drink from a sport bottle and snatch a Frizbee out of the air, over 2 meters high, with all the grace of a ballet dancer.
He can also spell the following words:

I just had to write a little post on our wonder-dog, who, with a little encouragement, has discovered the delights of pushing a broom around the yard.
While I'm stuck in bed with the flu, unable to sit in front of the computer for any lenghth of time, or finish any of my projects, it's just so nice to have a little extra help around the house. However, I cannot trust him to sort the washing (dogs are said to be colour-blind) and he's completely rubbish at stacking the dishwasher (something to do with a lack of opposable thumbs). 

I am still working out a way I can get him to push the wheelie bins out on Monday nights.

Have a great day & if someone's coughing nearby; turn the other way!

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