Friday, November 22, 2013

Tantrum Busting

For the Stuff I Made portion of this week, I've decided to swap the pins and sewing needles for my art pens and get cracking on a request from one of my lovely rodeo readers.

It's not sewing but it's crafty and definitely helpful for Parents, Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, Baby-sitters or Nannies. Handy for anyone at all who negotiates, from time to time, the minefield of tantrums and difficult behaviour of small people learning to assert their will on the world.

If you're not familiar with it, I have a Rewards Program page where I post free Rewards Charts for Kids.
I even offer customized charts in PDF format.
How nice am I??

It all started with super-dooper SuperNanny Joe Frost.  A friend mentioned to me she would love to try Joe's reward chart idea,  but she just didn't have time to make one, and why didn't I do some and put them online for other parents etc. etc. etc...  So I have :0)

Am I nice or what???

Ok I'll stop saying that now.

But recently someone actually took me up on my offer and all I could send immediately were girls' charts. Trouble is I was a bit light on the boy's not having had time so far to illustrate them.

So this is what I have produced this crazy busy week, high as a kite on acetone fumes coming from our almost finished bathroom renovation. It's just as well I didn't have time to bring out the sewing machine; I would have made a hash out of anything I attempted and it's much easier to erase mistakes on paper huh?

But wait there's more!

For loads more rewards charts and suggestions on how to use them, click on the Rewards Program page tab. There's an email link where you can make personal requests and also individual charts to copy, save and print at home.

Good luck. 

PS: Because of its popularity, I'm always adding to my Rewards Program page so it's worth checking in regularly if you're a bit shy to ask for something specific. Cheers

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