Friday, January 10, 2014

A Bugs Life

Well here we are at the end of another week. Mr Frenchie is back at work and since it's still school holidays, I'm running the all-day-rodeo solo, amongst piles of washing, half un-packed suitcases, and toys, toys and more toys.

The Orange Dog seems to shed when he's fretting, so in our absence (even with a loving puppy sitter) he's shed enough fur that we could build another dog. (I need to clean this house when I get a moment.)

But the toys!! Christmas toys, Birthday toys and souvenir toys, not to mention recent prize toys. I'm also tripping on the Orange dog's new chew toys (Santa was kind) strewn all over the living room floor.

There were parcels waiting for us when we got home and guess what?  Yep, more toys!

This little chatterbox below came all the way from France care of Pinkster's grandparents.  He's been a huge hit with her now that she's so enamored with everything robotic. He's actually sleeping beside me on my desk and I'm  not moving him or making any noise, because if he wakes up he'll drive me nuts!

I don't know if you're familiar with Furbys - but they have no off switch! A bit like kids- you have to leave them alone, let them chat amongst themselves, and hope they settle down eventually.

Any way since it's craft day and I've had all this 'stuff' going on, the only crafty thing we were capable of this week was home made play-doh insects.


Pinkster's pride and joy - her caterpillar. :0)

We threw in some bottle tops that we'd drawn eyeballs onto, googly eyes and drinking straws, then we cheated a little and used some left over Mr Potato head lips and teeth.

Thanks to The Coterie Blog for this genuinely fool proof  'velvety' play-doh recipe. You'd think with all the new toys, she'd be kept busy but I think I've turned her into a bit of 'make-stuff' junkie.  She needs a daily fix.

That reminds me I need to go through all the bits and bobs " make a [something] out of it.." she collected on our trip.

There are rocks, seed pods, drink coasters, chopsticks, interesting napkins, not so interesting napkins, wrapping paper, box lids, those little paper lids hotel room service puts over their milk jugs....

You name it, she kept it. :0)

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