Thursday, January 9, 2014


The Fushimi Tori gates was our first stop today. For Mr Frenchie, a pretty grueling  hill climb with 22kilos of Pinkster traveling on his shoulders. The path is about 4 kilometers in total - I would guess we did about half that. For me it was just pretty and magical walking through the winding maze of ancient orange arches. I remember the scene from Memoirs Of A Geisha, with a 9-y-o Japanese girl running down this same path on the movie posters - minus the thousand odd tourists.

Miss Pink and the Daddy Person

The foxes of Fushimi

Tenryuji Temple had to be another setting for MOAG. The mystical sculpted gardens a little less mystical for the hoards of camera snapping tourists (like us). 

She-Who-Worships-Pink, however was completely focused on getting to and through the magical bamboo forest.

Kinkaku Temple of gold was another setting chock-full of Kodak moments and the second last item on Mr Frenchie's sight seeing list. However between the cab rides, long garden walks, lunch break and fake-food-spotting stops we were all a bit Templed-out, so we hit gold and then hit the cab stand.

This was the most we've packed into one day and we still managed to stop for lunch and toffee apples.
However, after getting back to our hotel and kicking off our boots, putting up our swollen feet, we discovered there was a rare showing of traditional Japanese theater including a Geisha dance just 10 minutes from the hotel. 
Boots back on and off we went..

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