Friday, January 10, 2014

Snow-Place like Kyoto

And just what do you do with yourselves in Kyoto, when you've had your fill of Museums,Temples, Kimonos and sculptured gardens littered with Bonsai?

Hit the slopes of course.

Don't ask me where we ended up here, (well you can and I'll look it up for you) but it's about a forty minute train ride out of Kyoto followed by ten minutes on a bus and another five minutes on a whopping great Gondola to ride up the mountain.

Don't ask me about the skiing either, we didn't get further than the kids park which was a fabulous idea for parents; two toboggan runs and a sort of carousel crossed with a toboggan for really little kids.

They will rent you everything, except hats and gloves, and it's fun with a capital F (and a great finish to our holiday in Japan). She-Who-Worships-Pink had been literally busting to build a snowman - tick, and ride on a toboggan -  big tick.

She was not just the pinkest girl on the run - she was by far the most vocal:

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