Thursday, January 9, 2014

Postcards from Japan

Terror turns into fascination which develops into a bit of a crush actually.

We have travelled all the way from Philip Island, on the bottom right hand corner (sort of) of Australia to Tokyo with an overnight stop at home in Sydney. 

Just long enough to discover our hot water service has packed it in and to obtain a truly horrible quote from the only plumber who would come out on the Sunday between Christmas and New Year..oh well what can you do? We'll be wanting hot showers when we get home again..

Now we find ourselves at the Niwa - a gorgeous boutique hotel dead centre of Tokyo that has the funkiest high tech loos I've ever sat on. 

It scared the pants off me just looking at it but after sitting and pressing a button on the remote control I literally shrieked which of course brought the family running in. 

It has some quite startling functions and  the heated seat feels quite hot first thing.
But She-Who-Worships-Pink having discovered it, cannot get enough of the 'bottie-wash'. The the noises she makes behind that door are hilarious ...

But she's right, there's nothing quite like finishing your business with a nice warm 'bottie-wash'.


  1. That video did make me laugh - the sheer joy (and surprise!) of the bottie wash! I do hope you were able to get the plumbing sorted out - I hate organising trades when required...

    1. Thanks Kirsty we did get the plumbing sorted but I had to raid my botox fund :0(
      Hot showers & crows feet- nice. I do miss the Toto :0)